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for legal knowledge and expertise for FinTech companies.

Lots of experience and hands-on approach enables Finnick to offer you concrete solutions.

Finnick is a Dutch law firm which combines extensive knowledge of financial law and regulatory legislation with hands-on experience. Through an entrepreneurial and result-driven approach, Finnick can quickly provide concrete and to-the-point solutions.

Finnick focuses on innovation and product development, as well as financial regulatory legislation covering payments and cash management, (bank) savings, investments, financing and funding, especially at FinTech companies.

A few numbers.

About what Finnick does and what Finnick advises on


payment apps, cash management, open banking (PSD2)

Financial planning

digital cash book,
invoice management,
pension statements


online marketplaces,
financing platforms,
comparison sites


investment apps, comparison sites, cryptocurrency


peer-to-peer lending,
alternative investment platforms


insurance apps,
comparison sites

Every company deserves a unique approach.
Which Finnick can definitely address.

Good cooperation is achieved with the right partners.

Problems are solved together. That’s why Finnick believes in a multidisciplinary approach. Not only does this mean a thorough legal analysis, but also to make suggestions about the practical consequences of the advice for the financial institution. As partner, Finnick works to achieve the desired result.

Finnick tailors its approach to the company’s specific needs. If necessary, other departments or external professionals are also involved. Together with the company, Finnick draws up a clear plan of action that is evaluated periodically and adjusted as needed.