Legal services
for FinTech

We take care of your ‘license to operate’, so that you can continue your business.

With a lot of
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Finnick offers
you concrete

Finnick provides FinTech companies with their ‘license to operate’, so that they can continue doing business. Finnick does this with a practical and entrepreneurial approach and thinks in terms of solutions, so that customers feel supported in their business operations.

Finnick distinguishes itself from other law firms by always being prepared to go the extra mile, its perseverance and ability to make difficult things simple. As a Fintech company you get ‘value for money’ and you always know where you stand.

Our financial services for you


Obtaining a license as quickly as possible and at predictable costs
Payments, investments, crypto, crowdfunding, credit providers, intermediaries

Compliance with
financial laws
and regulations

Complying with complex laws and regulations and regulatory requirements, as well as changes therein
Product development, innovation, customer documentation, policies, supervisors

Crypto and

Knowing how to apply laws
and regulations to crypto
and blockchain services
MiCA license applications, tokenization,
DeFi, Web 3, crypto assets


Solving disputes together and, if there is
really no other option, go to court
Dispute resolution, complaint and court proceedings


A good result
with partners
Partnership agreements, outsourcing, loan documentation


Helping you or your customers
to obtain funding
Issuance of bonds, shares and other financial instruments, crowdfunding

A few numbers.

About what Finnick does and what Finnick advises on

Finnick advises FinTech companies on all legal aspects of their business, including financial license applications, compliance with financial laws and regulations, financing, contract negotiations, dispute resolution and legal advice on crypto and blockchain services.

Every company deserves its own approach. Finnick can tackle that.

Good cooperation is achieved with the right partners.

Problems are solved together. That is why Finnick believes in a multidisciplinary approach focusing on achieving the goal together. This means not only a thorough legal analysis, but also actively thinking about the implementation of the advice within the company.

Whether you want to work with Finnick or refer a customer to Finnick, Finnick as a partner will do whatever it takes to achieve the desired result. If necessary, other departments or external professionals are also involved. And if you refer your customer to Finnick, your customer always knows where he stands, also financially.