Dispute resolution

As a FinTech entrepreneur you prefer to focus on what you are good at: delivering innovative financial products or services based on your entrepreneurship. Complaints and disputes distract from this and can cost a lot of time and energy for you and your company’s employees. You therefore want complaints and disputes to be resolved quickly and efficiently in a manner that is satisfactory to you. If it does come to legal proceedings, you want to be able to control this.

Finnick helps you with this by:

  • providing clear advice about your legal position, so that you know where you stand
  • drawing up a strategy in mutual consultation to resolve disputes with your customers or contracting parties
  • conduct settlement negotiations in which attention is also paid to the interests of your counterparty, so that they feel ‘heard’ and the chances of a settlement are increased
  • if a settlement turns out to be impossible, coordinating all steps in legal proceedings in advance in a transparent manner, so that the FinTech entrepreneur knows where he stands