Financial license applications

If you need a license as a FinTech company, you would like to see this arranged as quickly as possible and at predictable costs. A license application is a costly and time-consuming process that takes a lot of time and energy from the organisation. As long as you have not received the license, you cannot continue with your business.

Finnick helps you with this by:

  • providing a clear and unambiguous overview of the license application process in advance
  • making a clear estimate of the expected costs and report on this on a regular basis
  • creating documentation that is simple, consistent, understandable and digitally accessible to everyone within the organization
  • identifying legal bottlenecks in good time and looking for solutions together
  • organising workshops to help employees prepare and review documentation
  • taking care of communication with the supervisor
  • a practical and efficient cooperation with other parties involved, such as risk & compliance specialists, consultants and accountants

Download the License application manual here

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To find out more about what Finnick can do for you in relation to financial license applications, view the video at the FinTech Connect 2023 conference here