Together with partners, you make an even greater difference.

Working together
with Finnick

Problems are solved together. That is why Finnick believes in a multidisciplinary approach and Finnick likes to work together with other parties involved to jointly achieve the best result for the customer. Finnick has an extensive network of professionals who can assist if required. A good cooperation is ensured by:

  • an open and transparent working method with good cooperation
  • a practical and entrepreneurial approach whereby solutions are sought
  • actively thinking about the implementation of legal advice in the company

As a result, FinTech companies can rely upon a high service level being provided.

Referring a client to Finnick

If you assist or advise FinTech companies, you want their affairs to be properly arranged from a legal perspective. Especially in view of the increasing requirements imposed on FinTech companies by (ever-changing) supervisory laws and regulations and duty of care. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in your client being confronted with complaints from or disputes with dissatisfied customers, reputational damage or sanctions from the supervisor.

Do you have insufficient knowledge of financial laws and regulations or do you have difficulty keeping up with FinTech developments? Then Finnick can help you by:

  • expert and reliable legal advice to your client
  • clear agreements with your client, so that your client always knows where he stands, also financially
  • a practical and result-driven approach and a strong personal involvement, with attention for the specific interests of the client
  • evaluating the service afterwards with your client and provide you with clear feedback about the client’s experience

This way you know for sure that your client gets ‘value for money’ and you can entrust your client to Finnick with confidence!