As a FinTech company, you want to obtain financing for your company or your customers in a responsible manner. You also do not want to have endless negotiations and a sour relationship with financiers. Documentation must be well put together so that you know where you stand and comply with laws and regulations. It is also important that risks are identified and covered as much as possible. If that is not the case, you could get into trouble with your financiers, customers or supervisors. This can result in legal claims, lawsuits, supervisory sanctions and reputational damage.

Finnick helps you to prevent this by:

  • making a clear analysis in advance of the legal and regulatory requirements in relation to the documentation
  • reviewing the documentation and identifying the most important risks for your company or your customers so that these can be mitigated
  • focusing on the main issues during contract negotiations, so that a good negotiation result can be achieved quickly
  • paying attention to the various interests involved in the financing, including the position of the financier(s), so that contracting parties feel that they have been heard and the mutual relationship remains good